Every now and then I get to draw caricatures/illustrations that I wish I had thought of first. This is one of those illustrations. I did this for a client several years back and the request was simple. A monster quad/drone. Now don’t let that scare you, drones of this nature are made for one reason. Speed and racing. These are not “spy” drones and you would hear it coming from a mile away before it could spy on you. These little guys are so fun to fly and will give you an adrenalin rush every time you get under the goggles.  I don’t remember where I got the reference from for the mouth, but I know I designed it after my drone that I had at that time. Giving it to the client at the end I remember thinking, I’d almost be willing to buy it back from him. But he liked it as much as I did and paid a good penny for it. So, oh well… The one that got away. BUT, still one of my favorite designs I’ve done that has that “monster” feature.