My First Oil Painting

Man, I still love this skull! This is my first time doing an oil painting and at that time I didn’t know many of the rules of oil painting. I personally think that helped me paint this because once I started doing research on how to paint “correctly” with oil painting I think I hurt myself.  After this painting I really began struggling with future paintings and found myself constantly frustrated with what I was doing. One of the reasons I prefer not knowing the rules and just digging in first.  Also since this painting I have defaulted to acrylic paints because washing brushes in water is so much easier than trying to clean brushes in odorless paint thinners and turps. I am sure I will try it again but my ADD brain likes the simplicity of working with acrylics and attempting to simulate acryilics to look like oil paints. One day I will just have to give in and try some more oil painting. But I have been buying nicer brushes and I would hate to mess them up because I would forget to clean them after… Plus, I have attempted to clean up after some oil paintings and it looks like I just committed suicide with the paint that gets all over the place as I am trying to clean up. Let’s say it wouldn’t make the wifey really happy if I got paint everywhere.