How useful are 3d Prints? TV Dresser Mount! Fusion 360 – Ender 3 Pro – Zyltech Filament

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Audio Technica BPHS1 Head Set:
On Air LED Sign:
Lepow Travel Monitor:
Weeylite RB9:
Magic Arm and Gator Clamp:
Casio G-Shock Watch:
Mitutoyo 6″ Calipers:
Scotch 3M Outdoor Tape:
Ender 3 Pro:
Ender 3 Pro Conversion Kit:
Zyltech Filament:
Amazon Fire Stick:
Bose Soundlink II:
Fujifilm X-T2 Body:
Tascam DR-10L:
Gopro Hero 9:
Gopro Hero 9/Hero 10 Media Mod:
Lumix G7:
Elgato Cam Link 4K:

How useful is 3d printing really? I think a lot of people ask that question because what is the first thing we see a lot of people printing as soon as they get their printers? Little boats? Where can we actually use 3d prints to help us? Well over the time of owning 4 3d printers and being forced to learn Fusion 360 to even start designing anything for them, it has been a really fun experience to see areas where 3d printing can actually save the day on certain projects. This is a very odd project because I installed a portable 1080P monitor on the back of my dresser that faces my bed because our basement bedroom became flooded and we will be waiting a year before it gets fixed. I created some S brackets to hold the screen in place with card board and painters tape and it held up for about 2 months. But after it started pealing apart and knowing I will be in this bed for the next year or so, I figured I could make something a bit more permanent. So 3d printing to the rescue! The longest part of this whole install was simply waiting for the prints to finish which took roughly 4 hours. By the end of the day we have a very successful, overly strong, clean mounting system!

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