Broadcasting and Streaming

If you are considering livestreaming your event, don’t make the mistake that most people do.

Your cellphone or tablet IS NOT enough to do the job right, and you ARE NOT just any other business. You are unique and deserve to show yourself in the best quality possible.

Lets ask the questions that many people don’t think about, and answer them with our services in mind.

  1. Can your phone livestream clearly?  NS: We have 1080P video cameras that put out a high quality feed.
  2. What sort of room will you be in? Will your audio echo? NS: We have the capability to plug directly into whatever sound system you are already using. That audio goes directly over the stream and will give the most crisp signal without room echo.
  3. How far away will your speaker be from your phone? NS: The further away the speaker, the harder to hear, if you are not using an audio system we can wirelessly mic your speaker and get that audio directly into our system.
  4. How dark is the room? NS: We can provide lighting if needed and our cameras are far more capable to handle darker lighting conditions than a phone or tablet can.
  5. Do you want logos, sponsors, or graphics in your livestream? NS: Our system can have slides, popups, or rotating banners to meet any of your needs graphicly. Which means your sponsors can PAY to be on your livestream! If your doing it from your phone there isnt a way to market that.
  6. Do you want multiple angles of your event? NS: Nexus can provide up to 4 cameras as well as desktop capture and graphics all separately that can make your livestream look like it is being run by a huge workforce of broadcasters.
  7. Do you want a professional announcer to be heard on your stream? NS: Tim Lee is a professional radio DJ of 6+ years and we can set up a microphone directly in our broadcast booth to handle any announcements and updates you need.
  8. Do you want a camera man to follow the action? NS: We have several young film makers we enjoy working with from the local high schools. We love blessing our young creators in our community with paid opportunities to create an amazing product. If we need extra camera operators. You can bet we will bring someone ready and excited to make you look awesome.
  9. How long do you want your livestream to be? Your phone can only stay charged for so long. Our broadcast can go up to 8 hours per livestream on Facebook, and 12 hours per livestream on YouTube! Of course we can handle multiple days and multiple livestreams a day.

You deserve a professional looking live broadcast, that makes your video look clear, your audio sound crisp, logos, sponsors, and updates all in the video, and most importantly, multiple camera angles to capture your event properly!

Nexus Streaming would be honored to provide that service for you and we have been doing that in Great Falls Montana since 2018!

When we broadcast for you we can have up to 4 different cameras and even desktop capture services. We have the ability to bring a small simple set up, all the way to bringing our broadcast trailer out to your location and setting up the big toys with 15 foot tall tripods to get any angle. The video below shows what we see in our broadcast booth (this is a behind the scenes look only and is not the stream that the viewer sees.)

Tim is also able to be an announcer on the live stream if it is needed and has 6+ years of experience as a radio DJ and morning host on KINX 102.7.

Feel free to contact us! No event is too small and we go above and beyond to make sure we meet your needs and of course your budget to the best of our abilities. Give us a shot! Contact Tim directly either on his phone (406)781-5989 (leave a message, he screens all his calls) or of course feel free to send us a message on our facebook page! CLICK HERE!  

Also we work closely with STARadio so if you have ANY plans to advertise on the radio please let Tim know so we can cut you a deal! We have special rates we offer through STARadio for anyone who advertises through them!