Panorama on a block of wood

Well this little painting is still in progress as of the writing of this blog post. So as much as possible I will try to keep it brief for you. Once again my “target” as I like to call my subjects, was Quinns hot springs, and the image I used for reference was a panorama I captured with my phone as I sat in the main pool. Now let me be clear, I am a snob. If it isn’t shot on my Fuji XT-2 it’s not worth painting. Well, I guess I am flexing a bit more recently on that. But I was befuddled with what canvas I was going to attempt this panorama on. A few weeks before I had spent around $200 on about 31 canvases in Michael’s latest 70% off sale. But of course none of them were an odd size that would fit the likes of this panorama.

It didn’t take long though for me to source a press wood board that secured my wife’s new vanity during delivery for our bathroom and instead of it going to the dump I figured I would take a shot in the dark, with the goal of keeping things as painterly as possible.

So far the size has fit incredibly well. As if it was meant for this purpose. And all though the paint has slowly seeped into the wood making it feel incredibly matte, as I continue to layer on more paint the color pops more and more to the luster you would expect.

I admit this piece will be a difficult one to sell, and I forsee my wife may call dibs before I get that chance. But as always if any of my art calls to you, please feel free to drop me an email and lets talk about getting it into your home to brighten a room, renew a fond memory, or make the gift no AI could ever do. is how you can reach me, and I look forward to talking with you!