Event Caricatures

“Tim at Legacy Studio is the real deal! We recently had him at our private event for caricature drawing and attendees are still raving! We will definitely be planning another event with Tim!”

~ Devyn Prado – Silverbrook Apartments, Kalispell, MT

Be aware, while we do not have many dates reserved on our calendar, we have many events excited to utilize Tim though they have not reserved yet due to unconfirmed dates. We are “first-come-first-serve” for our clients so check our event calendar for openings and contact us to book your event now! Once your date is reserved it is locked in just for you!

Tim has been drawing at events and theme parks since 2008 and his goal has always been to bring joy and laughter to each caricature he draws. Sometimes a caricature can go so much deeper than likeness, like finding someone’s essence, their humor, their spirit and capturing it on a piece of paper. It is amazing to watch someone go from nervousness to extreme joy as they stare at a caricature. But that is the beauty of caricatures, and that is the reason that they are so popular.

You have the chance to bring this gift to your event and offer your patrons a moment to remember. Make them never forget the night they went to your event to get the gift they would never dream of throwing away. It is the perfect way to LOCK IN YOUR EVENT IN THEIR MIND! Tim Lee not only makes that a reality, but helps you offer that gift FROM YOU to your patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take per person?

While it is not Tim’s ultimate goal to “bang out caricatures”, at his top speed, Tim can do a single black and white caricature within 5 to 7 minutes. If he does color, 7 to 10 minutes per person. Tim’s belief is that caricatures are meant to be fast, but more importantly, they are meant to be FUN! Tim focuses on making each interaction he has with your guests as exciting and enjoyable as possible and does that by dedicating the time to each guest to bring laughter and joy to each caricature he draws!

How many people can you do per page?

Tim tries to stick with a rule of no more than 2 people per page, this rule assists in keeping his speed up and also helps make sure that each person (especially children) get their very own caricature to keep for themselves. This is a debate he saw often between parents and children and this was the fix he found worked best.

Would you come out for free and sell your caricatures at our event?

In most cases in Montana, many events do not bring enough people to make that a realistic/profitable option. While there are a few exceptions, we have found the best way to benefit everyone involved is to charge the business/event for an hourly service and provide caricatures for free in their name. We have found this has provided great success for our clients as well as the patrons of that client, and allows us to work quickly without stopping to take payments between caricatures.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

Absolutely! Tim Lee loves working with non-profits to meet their goals and make their events special and unique!  Caricatures are an incredible way to pull people to your event and Tim is honored to work with non-profits and Christian organizations to be a blessing!

Costs for travel?

Tim loves to travel and is ready to travel as far as needed to be at your event! Outside of Cascade County, Montana, there will be travel fees mainly for gas and possibly hotels depending on how long he is being hired for and the season he is being hired in. During the summer months when temperatures are warmer, Tim may be able to bring his camper trailer if there is a place to camp that is reasonable and also has electricity.

Things to keep in mind when hiring Tim for a gig:

Feel free just to call us with any questions! Talk to Mandi or Tim at (406) 781-5989, no question is too simple and we are ready to help. (It helps us obviously, so thanks for giving us the chance!)

There is a non-refundable $100 deposit to reserve your dates for your event. It does go towards your final balance.

Depending on your distance from Cascade County, Montana, there may be travel costs as well as a minimum of hours Tim can be hired for. Why? Our goal is not to “nickel-and-dime” you so we pay for Tim’s overnight stays from your total payment in most scenarios, so we have to have a minimum of hours he will work to pay for that overhead.

Weather during the Winter Season will always be a concern for travel around Montana and the surrounding states. In most cases, Tim is an adventurer and will fight the weather to be at your event. But should we feel the roads are too hazardous we have the right to cancel the trip. There are no refunds for your reservation deposit but you will not be charged any extra for your event. In most cases we take your final payment the day of the event so if we cancel, you will not pay any extra.