Social Media and Web Consultation

Struggling with social medias for your business? We would be happy to sit down and have a consultation with you on improving your success!

There are plenty of services that are out there that will claim they will help you grow your website, SEO, social medias, or other outlets, and use automatic systems, google advertising, algorithms, or other forms of voodoo that no one can understand, and they make you pay a premium for those services. You blindly give them money with no idea how it all works. Tim doesn’t believe in those tools. Tim believes in a direct, honest, approach that usually means a little extra work, a bit of TLC, some updates, and a heart for your product and your clients. That is all you need for success. 

Social media truly is not an exact science, and we are not offering any sort of guarantee in an way. Patience is unfortunately one of the key roles. But, Tim has made a specialty of finding the tips and tricks that help push your company just a little further in the right direction since 2008. Time, and lack of knowledge, are usually the two biggest steps to overcome to start seeing small steps in the right direction, and it doesn’t take a lot to start down that path.

Tim will be happy to sit down with you, learn your ultimate goals, and direct you in the best path to reach those goals for your social media and web marketing. Thankfully, if you are a business person in retail, or in any sort of direct sales position, you already have the right mind set to find those small successes in social media.

The first consultation is free of course, and then we will be happy to offer our services after that depending on your needs. Prices will vary depending on your type of business and understanding of social media. Videography, photography, graphic design, and web design are just a few of the ways we can help.

We are a new company in Great Falls Montana, but we of course are happy to help on a global market and would be happy to assist via phone calls or video conversations to point you in the right direction.

Give us a call! 406-781-5989 or drop us an email at