Tim Lee’s Fine Art

Tim Lee has been a professional artist since 2008, but not in the traditional “painterly” sense. Tim was contracted at Disney World Orlando for 10 years drawing caricatures of folks at the different resorts and Animal Kingdom.  Don’t be surprised if you saw him and didn’t know! Tim was trained in marker and transparent watercolor during his term at Disney and then quickly changed to the world of digital caricature as he began teaching caricaturing techniques on his YouTube channel “Draw2Much” Tim has had a very successful caricature career becoming known as the “Caricaturist to the Pilots” for a lot of professional drone racing pilots that you may have seen on DR1 and MultiGP.

Tim Lee had his “ah-hah” moment in March of 2021 as he visited an art show “The Montana Heritage Art Show” in Great Falls, Montana and getting his first taste of landscapes and oil paintings. Tim immediately raced home and began his training in the world of traditional oil paints and acrylics. Tim looks forward to doing his first show in 2022.

Right now there are no pieces for sale, but you can see Tim’s daily progress on upcoming pieces on his Instagram!